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8 December 2011
Casino Fandango
Carson City, Nevada

The Fandango Christmas Tree

Department Commander Jeanette Rae

Commander Rae and Hal Sherwood

Commander Rae and Marco Manor

Department 1st Vice Commander John Warden and Post 56 Commander Marty Martin

Dave Evans of Post 12 and John Warden

Post 56 Adjutant John Dickinson and Department Adjutant Lionel Motta

Marty and Linda Martin

Katherine Baran and Marty

Marco "Money Man" Manor

Marco with Patrick Degross waving over his shoulder

Irma Manor

Irma and Shirlee Ralph

Katherine Baran

Mike Herlihy

Mike with Hal and Betty Sherwood

Betty Sherwood with Mike behind her

Hal Sherwood

Nancy O'Malley


Dorothy Cole

Barbara and John Dickinson

Joe Hanus and Greta

Ron Kruse and Steve Hays

Chris St. Leger-Barter and Nadine Hays
Joanne Booth is sitting in the background

Jean Tomlinson and her friend Joe

Art Baer and Dave Fornere

Dan Baer

Ron Kruse and Pat Baer

Ron Kruse with Steve sitting behind him

Donna and Leon Werner

Leon and Joe

Dianne Wright

Bob and Dianne Wright

Ken Janonis

Rose and Ken

Rick and Debbie Kaspar

Terry Anderson and family

Agnes Williams

Janine and Todd Puchalski


Kori and Janine

Joe Snyder and his wife

Stewart Miller III won the 50-50 drawing

Patrick and PJ Degross

Patrick, PJ and Donna

Terry Anderson and family with Rick in the background

Rick Kaspar

The Gift Exchange has begun

The Commanders Table

Commander Martin displays his Post 56 Meeting Manual

Hal and Betty examine their gifts

PJ examines her gift

Kori opening a gift for Irma

The raffle prizes

More raffle prizes

Kori is checking out the prizes

The raffle has begun

Packing up to go home

Katherine shows off her latest acquisition

Katherine's sultry look

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