In Memoriam

Stephen A. Hays

January 8, 1922
Macon, Missouri

May 14, 2013
Reno, Nevada



Photos of Stephen through the years


2005 at Veterans Hall


2006 Christmas Party
with Wayne O'Malley, Art Baer, Marco Manor, and Chuck Rankin


2006 Labor Day Parade


2007 Veterans Day
in Virginia City

2007 in Virginia City


2008 Memorial Day Parade


2008 Independence Day Parade


2008 Funeral in Fernley


2008 Funeral at Autumn Funeral Home
with Dianne Wright


2008 Nevada Day Parade


2008 Christmas Party


2009 Memorial Day Breakfast


2009 Funeral in Fernley
with Gabe Koury


2009 Picnic


2009 Picnic


2009 Veterans Day Breakfast
with Chuck Rankin and others


2009 Christmas Party with Nadine


2010 Veterans Day


2010 Christmas Party with Nadine


2011 Summer Picnic
with Nadine and Art Baer


2011 Funeral in Minden


2011 Member Meeting
with Department Commander Jeanette Rae


2011 Christmas Party with Ron Kruse


2011 Funeral near Wellington


2012 Christmas Party
with Nadine


2012 Summer Picnic