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Our Bereavement Policy

The death of a fellow legionnaire is very meaningful to this Post and it is our intention to officially recognize the sacrifice and service the veteran provided to our nation.

Therefore, we have established this Bereavement Policy.

After the survivors have notified our Post Commander and/or Chaplin of their loss, and have stated their desires regarding the Post's involvement in the final ceremonies, the Post will perform one or more of the following activities:

  • Notification - Pertinent information will be disseminated to the Press and to the members of the Post.

  • At the survivor's home - The Auxiliary will prepare a potluck to share with the family.

  • At the funeral home - a) Visitors will be assembled with prior notice. b) Cards, flowers, etc. will be handled by the Chaplin.

  • At the church - A bereavement group will be assembled. Pall bearers may need to be provided.  Post members will wear Class A uniforms.

  • At the cemetery  - A bereavement group will be assembledPost members will wear Class A uniforms.  In addition, at the request of the family, the Post All-Veteran's Honor Guard will perform a full Military Burial Ceremony, including a 21-gun salute and the folding of the US Flag to be presented to the next of kin.

  • At the next Post Meeting - A black cloth ceremony will open the meeting following the last ceremony performed for the deceased.

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